Matt Dellecker - Singer/Songwriter

Matt Dellecker, a New Jersey native, grew up in the small rural town of Harmony, just minutes from the budding Lehigh Valley music scene. He first picked up a guitar when he was fourteen years old. His music tastes developed quickly from Elvis and George Jones, to Metallica, to Yes, to Fleet Foxes and Father John Misty, to Jeff Buckley.

Matt started to develop part of his sound in a band, called Fractal, which was started with some of his closest friends. With Fractal for only a couple years till disbanding, Matt began to write his own music and started singing for the first time in the closing months of 2012. By the start of the new year, Dellecker had written about 10 songs which he started honing in front of live audiences at local open mics with his mellow, yet aggressive acoustic sound.

With a batch of original material in hand, Matt had enlisted the help of multi-instrumentalist, Jacob Maurer. Together, they recorded Dellecker's debut EP entitled, House Blends, on a sparse and limited budget. The EP is the bold, independent output that creates a sound of his own. "Well, I grew up listening to Elvis, because that was my sister's favorite musician and I also listened to George Jones, because that was my dad's favorite. So, I think after kind of making my rounds listening to rock, thrash metal, ambient music, post-rock, jazz, and blues, I sort of liked the idea of simply being a singer-songwriter like George Jones and Elvis, but also having an aggressive, dynamic and rhythmic sound, like the bands I was listening to, on my own. This sound comes naturally, it's honest. The transparency is there so that you can see and feel the emotions, from the music and lyrics, right out in the open, where you can't miss them."

Songs like 'Eclipse' and 'What Would You Say?' are the best blends of Dellecker's songwriting and musical abilities. The textural and dynamic blends throughout the album really push the boundaries for the standard singer-songwriter. House Blends is an album that is saturated with passion and aggression that it is not just an album to be heard, but to be felt. "This whole project came from a concept, after I wrote a few songs and had the 'House Blends' title in mind. Many great moments in life stem from the times you socialize at a bar or coffee house where you met new friends, start new relationships, or get closer to current friends. I was looking at the escape from reality that socializing at a coffee house creates as well as the bonding encouraged by that socialization. Since that is possible, the antithesis is, as well. So, this album was just a way to look all of the portals of loss from socialization, from togetherness, from independence, and from dedication. All these potential pitfalls are exposed to us when getting a cup of coffee and learning about each other and ourselves."

Shortly after finishing his first solo output, Matt was already planning on the next project.. "I made 'House Blends' in just a few short months of writing at the end of 2012, but they really took shape at the open mics I would attend around my area. This was the first go-around I had performing by myself so I spent the time finding my own sound and letting the songs take shape on their own live. So, with the next group of songs, I am going about creating them the same way. It's very organic."

New material started being shopped around at open mics and gigs throughout 2014/2015 before taking 2016 off to record. The recording process went several different directions before progressing towards a DIY approach. His new single, ‘Ship In A Bottle’, was recorded with Jacob Maurer and Jessi Lee Ross in Maurer’s practice room. This is the first attempt at having complete control over the entire process. “These things will hopefully fine-tune themselves as we continue to record more songs. Starting from scratch without any good equipment left us with some pretty lackluster recordings, so it took a longer time than expected to get the right gear to get a much better sounding tone. We are also still in the learning curve of mixing and mastering the recordings, but I can’t picture ‘Ship In A Bottle’ coming out any other way. That is definitely something we were happy about.” said Dellecker. The new single was released in August of 2017 at the Musikfest Café opening for the Billy Bauer Band. The next EP release is currently slated for 2018.